Our work

To promote credible elections, citizen participation and the strengthening of political institutions for sustainable democracy in Africa, EISA's programme areas include:

  • Symposia and conferences are conducted annually in the case of the former, and as the need arises in the case of the latter.
  • Elections and Political Processes seeks to influence key political processes that underpin elections in Africa and to promote the development, popularisation and application of election principles and good practices through knowledge production and dissemination, monitoring and technical support to election stakeholders.
  • Political Parties Support aims to strengthen these key democracy institutions in Africa, by building the functional capacity of political parties and foster good inter-party relations.
  • Balloting and Electoral Services enhances the credibility and legitimacy of organisational elections by providing independent and impartial electoral administration, management and consultancy services to business, labour, government, civic associations, tertiary institutions, community based organizations, quasi-state bodies and political parties.

Past programmes

  • Parliamentary Support aimed at encouraging interaction between parliaments and civil society in Africa for improved participatory democracy.
  • African Peer Review Mechanism Support was given both to the peer review process itself and to the fostering of constructive engagement between the three major stakeholders in national APRM processes: government, private enterprise and civil society.