EISA Angola: Party capacity building


Enhancing the Capacity of Political Parties

EISA Angola facilitated several meetings and workshops that brought together various political parties to strategies on the positive role they should play in the electoral process. In January 2006, EISA invited all political stakeholders to a meeting to discuss what they would need in order to participate effectively in the electoral process, and to plan for the training of party poll-watchers. EISA also ran a workshop on conflict prevention and management for the major political parties and coalitions.


Political party capacity building

EISA Angola assisted Angolan political parties in 2005 through public debates on electoral issues as well as providing advice to their leaders on key technical aspects during the preparation of the electoral legislation package. In every public debate, conference workshop or debate, political parties were given time to pose their questions, address issues or respond to the public, government or commission at any level of government.

Specific workshops to discuss political parties in the electoral process were also held, mainly in Luanda. EISA served also as a resource to provide advice and documents to the parties.