APRM Programme: Fact-finding Mission on Mozambique CSO Preparedness for APRM
Mission APRM Moz 2006

On 16-17 October 2006, EISA conducted a fact-finding mission to Maputo, Mozambique to identify and assess the preparedness and levels of awareness of civil society organizations in Mozambique in relation to the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) which will shortly be initiated in Mozambique.

The mission was made up of members of Grant Masterson of EISA Johannesburg and Zefanias Matsimbe &amp Delma da Silva from EISA Maputo. The team met with 13 civil society organizations as well as international donor organizations during its two day mission. It identified levels of awareness/preparedness amongst CSOs in Mozambique for the country’s self-assessment process, due to start in early 2007, and engaged with organisations on the specific challenges facing civil society involvement in the Mozambique APRM process.

The findings of the mission will be used to enhance EISA’s regional program on the APRM, and assist Mozambique civil society organisations in enhancing their participation in the country’s self-assessment process.