BES: Medical Aid Schemes

Updated January 2022

BESTMED Medical Scheme

Bestmed has a membership of 76 800 and is governed in terms of the Medical Schemes Act 131 of 1998. EISA was appointed to conduct the election of the 2020 Bestmed member elected Trustees to the Board of Trustees. Employer category elected two representatives and the individual member category elected one representative, all of whom will hold office for a four-year term from June 2020 until June 2024. BES applied its suite of technological tools i.e. online voting, SMS/USSD, email and postal votes during the voting phase. The election was concluded in June 2020, when EISA announced final election results at the Bestmed Annual General Meeting in Pretoria.

TRANSMED Medical Fund 2020 Member Elected Trustees

EISA was appointed to manage the election of six member elected seats on the Transmed Board of Trustees in terms of the Fund Rules. The election consists of a mixed voting system which comprises electronic (email and online) and manual (postal) ballots for approximately 22 300 members. pre-election activities included the communication drive for nominations and voting, vetting of candidates.

South African Municipal Workers' Union National Medical Scheme (SAMWUMED)

The SAMWU National Medical Scheme, registered under the Medical Schemes Act, held its Annual General Meeting in June 2017, in Cape Town. Whilst SAMWU was not conducting Trustee elections at the AGM, EISA's services were required if a vote would be required on any decision placed before the AGM. At the meeting a motion was put proposing a name change and change in structure of the Scheme. There was no objection to the motion and the EISA Presiding Officer declared that the proposal for a name change and change in structure was accepted.