EISA Burundi: Party capacity building

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EISA 2005 electoral campaigning workshop in Burundi
Training workshop on electoral campaigning

16-17 May 2005

EISA Burundi was approached by the ONUB (Operation des Nations Unies pour le Burundi) Civil Affairs Department from the southern provinces of Bururi, Makamba and Rutana regarding incidents around political gatherings in these areas. The gatherings were convened by party leaders who were observed to be sensitising voters in preparation for the upcoming elections, well before official electoral campaigns began. Discussions took place around reducing the potential for disputes or confrontation between political parties.

These discussions led to the designing of training material to be used for provincial party leaders. EISA contributed modules and advised on the situation in Makamba, Bururi and Rutana.


Training of party leaders

In the pre-election period EISA Burundi, in consultation with ONUB, designed material for a workshop to train party leaders on topics such as the electoral campaign and political communication. EISA Burundi was given the responsibility of compiling modules, identifying workshop facilitators and contacting the political parties. In addition, EISA Burundi contributed to the compilation of the evaluation form which was used at the end of the two-day event.

The workshop evaluation noted that participants were pleased with the subjects addressed during the workshop and that the didactic material was easy to understand although a minority of participants indicated that they would like the workshop to have been presented in Kirundi. Participants also indicated that they would have liked a longer workshop to allow for more in-depth discussion.