EISA Burundi

EISA Burundi workshop 2005

Following a fact finding mission to Burundi in late 2004 EISA opened an office in Bujumbura to provide assistance to the Independent Electoral Commission to deliver free, fair and legitimate elections and strengthen the capacity of political parties and civil society organisations to participate effectively in the democratic electoral process.

EISA had identified three specific areas of support based on the findings of the fact finding mission, namely:

  1. conducting voter education;
  2. strengthening civil society organisations to participate in the electoral and democratic process; and
  3. strengthening political parties in monitoring the electoral process.

EISA also responded to requests from stakeholders and participated in activities which had an immediate bearing on the process, such as training for political party leaders built up a solid relationship with a wide range of stakeholders.

The office closed after the elections held in 2005, but was reopened in March 2010 at the invitation of elections and democracy stakeholders to return to Burundi and provide technical support to the post election phase. The scope of work was expanded to include conflict management.