EISA Central African Republic: Citizen Observation 2020-2021
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In January 2022 EISA re-opened its office in the Central African Republic. Following the 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections, the Central African Republic has planned to complete the electoral cycle by holding the local elections (municipal and regional) in September 2022. These will be the first local elections to be held since 1988, and are a key point in the CAR's decentralization policy.

Partnership with Réseau arc-en-ciel (RAC)

To achieve this objective EISA partnered with Réseau arc-en-ciel (RAC; Réseau arc-en-ciel citizen EOM launch "Rainbow Network"), with whom EISA worked in 2015. RAC began as a network of 14 CSO, but this number was increased to 17 for the sake of greater inclusivity.

More specifically, the project includes:

  • An impartial and independent evaluation, by RAC, of the pre-election political environment as well as the preparation made by the EMB;
  • The observation of the 1st and 2nd rounds of presidential and legislative elections using a methodology including the establishment of a situation room and the conduct of a PVT; and
  • The evaluation and documentation of the post-election period through the monitoring of electoral disputes and the audit of the results.

EISA met RAC to share the content of the new project, their role in the project and the project management rules. A draft MoU was submitted to the 17 CSO partners of RAC clearly indicating EISA's role as the technical and financial manager of the project and that of the CSOs as beneficiaries and implementing partners.

Réseau arc-en-ciel citizen EOM launch
Réseau arc-en-ciel's Citizen Election Observation Mission

Seventeen trainers were trained to conduct workshops for 150 observers recruited from 17 partner CSOs who were deployed to 13 prefectures and 58 sub prefectures to observe voter registration. The EOM was launched on 16 October 2020.

Réseau arc-en-ciel report release

On June 25, 2021, Reseau arc-en-ciel released its general Report on the electoral process. The presentation ceremony, which took place at the Ledger hotel in Bangui, saw the presence of donors, as well as national and international actors.

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