EISA Chad: Political party agents

In a country like Chad which is plagued by intractable violence and political instability, political party act as watchdogs over the electoral processes. Well trained party agents ensure transparency, reduce opportunities for electoral fraud and increase the credibility of future elections.

EISA assists political parties in Chad with planning, coordinating and deploying party agents.


Post election observation review

EISA embarked on regional consultations in order to assist a wide range of electoral stakeholders to draw conclusions over the now ending Chad electoral cycle. The overall goal of these consultations was to unravel the challenges facing Chad in respect of election management and propose appropriate reform measures. These consultations provided a space for the main stakeholders to reflect critically on the legal and institutional framework for elections in Chad as well as identify areas of the electoral system that pose problems and require improvement; and to provide recommendations for electoral and constitutional reforms

Party agents trained in poll watching

EISA used the opportunity of the 13 February National Assembly elections to conduct refresher training activities for party agents involved in poll watching on election day.

Prior to training, a training handbook on poll watching [PDF] was developed containing detailed information on recruiting, training, deploying poll watchers as well as providing guidelines on how they should report their polling day observations. Using this training handbook, a one day training session was conducted for 166 trainers, including 29 women, from 70 parties from the majority party and the opposition parties in N'Djamena, the capital city where most parties are headquartered and in Abeché, in the eastern region, a location that was not covered before by EISA's capacity building activities for political parties. The training workshops offered an invaluable opportunity for participants from different parties to share ideas on the role of political parties in safeguarding the integrity of the electoral process and agree on harmonised data collection and reporting on poll watching.


Party agent poll observation manual

A training manual [PDF] on poll watching was developed, providing political parties with detailed information on recruiting, training and deploying poll watchers as well as guidelines on how party agents should report their polling day observations.