EISA Chad: Conflict management

2012: Election mediators deployed

EISA-Chad introduced its election Conflict Management Panel model to support the Electoral Commission whereby EISA trained and deployed 96 mediators for the local elections held on 22nd January 2012. These mediators assisted the CENI in identifying and diffusing potential sources of election related conflicts throughout the campaign period and on Election Day.


2011: Conflict mediators trained and deployed

EISA introduced its election conflict management programme which involved designing training materials and training 111 mediators countrywide, including 40 women, in the build up to the local elections.

EISA drew on the experience of the EISA Burundi and DRC field offices and included staff from these field offices in the training of mediators. Before conducting the training sessions, selection criteria for the recruitment and deployment of panellists were agreed on that included professional affiliation, gender, regional and religious balance.

The workshop programme included mapping conflicts in Chad and prevention and mediating mechanisms were thoroughly discussed with the mediators to ensure that there was a comprehensive understanding of the nature and type of conflicts that could occur in the run up to the elections. The workshop also identified areas where mediation and CSOs' skills have been enhanced in understanding and reacting to conflict situations either during the electoral process or within the normal routine of community life.