Joint EISA - HRW Roundtable 2018

Political, Electoral and Human Crisis in the DRC: Learning from Experiences in South Africa and the SADC region.

Participants at the Joint EISA - HRW Roundtable 2018

EISA House, 14 Park Road, Richmond, Johannesburg, South Africa

28-29 November 2017




In line with the constitution, the DRC was due to hold presidential elections before the end of the second and final term of President Joseph Kabila on December 19, 2016. Discussion panel at the Joint EISA - HRW Roundtable 2018Yet elections have been repeatedly delayed, plunging the country into a serious political crisis which has contributed to renewed violence, human rights abuses, and socio-political instability.

In reviewing the broader context in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Roundtable provided insights into the DRC's current political, electoral, human rights, and security crises for South African and regional players and the Congolese diaspora in South Africa.

The awareness-raising event also allowed Congolese and non-Congolese pro-democracy actors to share lessons learned and identify opportunities as they reflected on and proposed strategies for the return to constitutional order, democracy-building, and respect for fundamental human rights in the DRC.

In the news

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