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LTO Training Workshop in Abidjan - 25-26 August 2020 - The EISA Côte d'Ivoire Resident Director with the US Ambassador to Côte d'Ivoire

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Present in Côte d'Ivoire since 2008, EISA opened its first field office there as part of the implementation of a support program for citizen election observation with the Ivorian Civil Society Convention (CSCI). In 2010, EISA worked with CSCI on a joint voter registration mission and in 2014 on a joint pre-election needs assessment mission in Abidjan.

In collaboration with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), EISA conducted a training of trainers for the observation of political party elections in September 2015, in view of the 2015 presidential election, and in September 2016, in view of of the 2016 legislative elections.

Training workshop for LTOs in Abidjan - 25-26 August 2020 - EISA Côte d'Ivoire staff with the Prefect of Abidjan

The year 2019 was an important turning point in the establishment of EISA Côte d'Ivoire with the signing of an agreement with the Ivorian government enabling the opening of the regional office in Abidjan.

In June 2020 a cooperative agreement with USAID was signed, which marked the opening of the country office specifically for the implementation of a program to assess the integrity of the 2020 presidential and legislative elections in Côte d'Ivoire through the deployment of an international Election Observation Mission (EOM) in partnership with the Carter Center.

LTO Training Workshop in Abidjan - 25-26 August 2020 - EISA Côte d'Ivoire Staff with LTOs

EISA EOM to 2020/1 presidential and National Assembly elections

The main objective of the EISA EOM is to help build the confidence of Ivorian citizens in electoral processes and to raise the level of acceptance of electoral results through a systemic and independent assessment of the electoral process. The Program aims to contribute to the credibility of the 2020 elections by objectively, independently and rigorously monitoring, evaluating and reporting on all phases of the electoral process in accordance with regional, continental and international standards and principles governing elections.

EISA EOM to 2020/1 presidential and legislative elections

Activities include:

  • The deployment of LTOs and STOs taking into account gender balance, diversity of nationalities and expertise;
  • Meetings and interactions with all stakeholders in the electoral process;
  • The briefing of long-term and short-term observers (LTOs and STOs) with the assistance of the Electoral Commission and other stakeholders;
  • Monitoring of media, including social networks;
  • The systematic production of around fifteen political, legal, electoral and media analysis briefs; and
  • The publication of arrival and preliminary statements, as well as a final report. EISA EOM to 2020/1 presidential and legislative elections

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The EISA EOM is financed by USAID.