When it established its first field office in Kinshasa in February 2004, EISA had long been active in the DRC, working with a range of role-players since 1998, establishing strong links with several CSOs and political parties. EISA DRC contributed to efforts toward a smooth and peaceful political transition, culminating in the holding of credible and legitimate elections in the DRC.

DRC 2018 elections: Voter registration queue

Citizen election observation and electoral reform advocacy by CSOs

The Project to Strengthen the Monitoring Initiatives of Electoral Mechanisms (PRISME), financed by the European Union for a period of 24 months, commenced on 1 March 2021 to:

PRISME contributes to the transparency, integrity and credibility of elections in the DRC through the effective participation of Congolese Civil Society. Specifically, PRISME supports civil society in three areas, namely the in advocating for electoral reforms highlighted in the citizen Election Observation Missions recommendations following the 2018 presidential and legislative elections for the improvement of the legal framework for elections in the DRC, and monitoring the implementation and adoption of the reforms, and finally supporting civil society in preparing for for the observation of the next elections constitutionally scheduled for 2023.

To identify PRISME beneficiary organisations, EISA developed a number of tools, including a questionnaire that was completed in March by PRISME potential beneficiary organisations. A road map and a draft Code of Conduct for beneficiary organisations to agree on was also developed. The responses provided by CSO to the questionnaire will enable EISA to identify the beneficiaries that will be partnered with and also help to address potential weaknesses that need to be strengthened in building the network.

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PRISME is financed by the European Union.