EISA Egypt: 2014 National roundtable on election observation in Egypt

23 June 2014

EISA's Elections and Political Processes programe, as part of its support for political party poll watching and to civil society electoral initiatives, co-facilitated a roundtable event on election observation in Egypt on 23 June 2014. The other facilitators were the Embassies of Mexico and of Switzerland in Egypt.

The Roundtable provided a platform for interaction between representatives of electoral authorities and CSOs to address the need for a more coordination approach towards citizen observation and accreditation procedures for citizen observers in the Egyptian context. It was also a lesson-learning event at which international experts shared experiences from other countries.

The roundtable received inputs from the following international experts: Justice Johann Kriegler, former Chairperson of the South African Electoral Commission; Dr Lucien Toulou, EISA's Programmes Director; Bushra Abu-Shahout, Director of Policies at the Independent Election Commission of Jordan (a former member of the National Commission for Human Rights); and Sheik Abdul Carimo Sau, Chairperson of the Mozambican Electoral Commission.