2010 Central African Republic Voter Registration: EISA Observer Mission

25 October 2010

In accordance with its vision, EISA is deploying a Voter Registration Observer Mission (VROM) to the Central African Republic (CAR) from 23 October to 20 November 2010. This Mission forms part of EISA's election related activities in the CAR which will include the deployment of a Continental Observer Mission to the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections scheduled for 23 January 2011.

Composed of three long term observers (LTOs) who will be in the country for four weeks and one high profile short term observer (STO) due to arrive in Bangui a few days before the end of the Mission, the four member team will observe the voter registration process and the nomination of candidates prior to the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary Elections.

Based in Bangui, the Mission will be deployed to the outskirts of the Capital city and to some parts of the interior in order to gather, analyse and provide all the relevant information pertaining to the voter registration and candidate nomination processes.

Mission objectives

The Mission plans to:

  • observe whether the voter registration process is conducted in compliance with the constitutional and legal framework of the country;
  • observe the inclusiveness of the voter registration process as per the recommendations set forth by the National Assembly;
  • observe the candidate registration process ahead of the 23 January 2011 Presidential and Legislative Elections;
  • observe the sensitisation, civic education and communication campaign;
  • gather information so as to provide a set of baseline data to the EISA Continental Observer Mission ahead of its deployment to the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections of 23 January 2011.

Mission activities

  • Meeting with the Independent Electoral Commission (CEI) to collect information pertaining to the electoral process and for accreditation purposes;
  • Meeting with the NDI office in the CAR in order to gather and share ground information, and to plan the Mission field activities;
  • Consultative Meetings with stakeholders to discuss issues related to the electoral process;
  • Visits to voter registration centres in the capital Bangui and other parts of the country;
  • Preparation and release of an Interim Statement on the conduct of the voter registration process and the nomination of candidates in the CAR;
  • Production of a Mission report.

Team members

  • Aimé Konan Kouadio, Programme Officer, EISA Burundi
  • Claire Ayemonna Ayaba, Magistrate, Court of Appeal - Benin
  • Emmanuel Atchadé Dossou, President, Peace Corporation for African Renaissance, Togo
  • Appolinaire Malumalu Muhongo, President, Independent Electoral Commission, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)


The Voter Registration Observer Mission is made possible by a generous sub grant provided by the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI).