The Gambia: Observation reports and statements
2021 Presidential Elections: EISA observers attend at a polling station on election day

2021 Presidential Elections

Final Report
Preliminary Statement, 11 Dec 2021
Arrival Statement, 30 Nov 2021
Pre-Election Assessment Mission (PAM) Report, 3-9 Oct 2021

In the news

THE VOICE 2021 "Former Ghanaian President Mahama Visits President Barrow Ahead Of December Polls", 2 Dec, 2021 Presidential Elections: EISA EOM leader, former Ghanaian President Mahama, meets with President Barrow in the run up to the election former-ghanaian-president-mahama-visits-president-barrow-ahead-of-december-polls/ (accessed 7 Dec 2021).


WESTMINSTER FOUNDATION FOR DEMOCRACY 2021 Thematic Election Expert Observation Mission: The Gambia Presidential Elections 2021 Interim Statement, 7 Dec.