South Africa: Election observation reports and statements

2019 South African elections: EISA EOM leader, Nigerian former President Goodluck Jonathan, meet with the IEC Chairperson, Commissioner Glen Mashinini

2019 National Assembly and provincial elections

EOM Statements and reports

The EISA EOM was led by Dr Goodluck Jonathan, former President of Nigeria, and EISA's ED Denis Kadima as his Deputy. The EOM comprised 37 international observers drawn from CSOs, Election Management Bodies, and members from 16 African countries. This was the fifth EISA EOM to be deployed in South Africa.

2019 Elections: EISA EOM members


Other observer missions' statements

Campaign finance

Clayton Hazvinei Vhumbunu and Olufunto Akinduro (eds) 2020 Follow the Money: A Research Report on Party and Campaign Finance in South Africa's 2019 Elections, EISA.
Siphesihle Ndamase 2020 Policy brief on party and campaign finance in South Africa in the 2019 National and Provincial Elections, EISA.

Elections Resource Center

The EISA Elections Resource Centre was set up to provide regular and reliable election related information for stakeholders in the 2019 Elections.

2019 South African elections: EISA observers plan observation operations

In the news

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