EISA's Elections Resource Center banners South Africa: Election Research Centre 2019

The EISA Elections Resource Centre (ERC) was set up to provide regular and reliable election related information for media, political parties, civil society organisations and other interested stakeholders for 2019 national and provincial elections in South Africa.

Post-election conference

A series of weekly elections update reports were issued from 3 April to 8 May 2019, followed by a post-election review conference in July 2019 and subsequently a final elections report was produced.

Post-election conference

Reviewing the 2019 South African National and Provincial Elections: Can the Centre hold?

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Rosebank, Johannesburg
8-9 July 2019.


Proceedings Report
Post-Election Review

In the news

Post-election conference

Jean-Jacques Cornish 2019 "EISA hears that unhappy countries vote for populist leaders", 9 Jul, [www] http://www.jjcornish.com/2019/07/eisa-hears-that-unhappy-countries-vote-for-populist-leaders/ (accessed 11 Jul 2019).
Carien du Plessis 2019 "If we continue with these systems, we'll be acting 'irresponsibly' - IEC chair's sobering admission", News24, 8 Jul, [www] https://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/if-we-continue-with-these-systems-well-be-acting-irresponsibly-iec-chairs-sobering-admission-20190708 (accessed 15 Jul 2019).

Weekly elections update reports

EISA's Elections Resource Center's weekly election briefings

The EISA ERC weekly elections brief is a collection of articles highlighting election related events and conversations occurring over the course of the reporting week.

These included party campaigns, conversations in mainstream and social media, incidents of violence, legal matters brought to the IEC or courts, campaign rallies, manifesto launches and notable speeches etc, along with infographics and timelines.

Based at the EISA offices in Johannesburg and at the IEC national results centre for the counting and tabulation period, South African elections publications the ERC's update reports included:

The above were then published in a compendium, EISA elections series: A weekly review of the South African 2019 national and provincial elections.