Tanzania & Zanzibar: Election observation reports and statements

2020 General elections

Joint statement with the East African Community and the African Union EOMs, 27 Oct 2020

Arrival statement, 20 Oct 2020

EISA EOM to the Tanzanian 2020 General elections

2010 Zanzibar Presidential, House of Representatives and Local elections

EOM Report  ·  Interim Statement  ·  Arrival Statement  ·  Launch statement

2005 General elections

  • Tanzania general election, December 2005: EOM Report
  • Zanzibar presidential, House of Representatives and local, October 2005: EOM Report
  • Election Update Tanzania 2005: No 1  ·  No 2
  • Election Talk: No 27, October 2005: Tanzania: Constitutional and Legal Framework, The Institutional Context of Elections in Tanzania, Delimitation of Constituencies for the 2005 Elections in the United Republic of Tanzania and Zanzibar, Tanzania's Electoral Management Bodies, The Tanzanian Electoral System.

2001 General elections