Zimbabwe: Election observation reports and statements

2008 Harmonised Elections EOM

2008 Harmonised Elections EOM report

EOM Report: EOM Report  ·  Post election statement  ·  Interim statement

2005 National Assembly election

  • Election Talk: No 22, June 2005: Zimbabwe's Parliamentary Election 2005: Announcement of Results, Where to for Election Observers in the Wake of the Zimbabwe 2005 Parliamentary Elections?, Reflections on Zimbabwe's 2005 Parliamentary Elections.
  • Election Talk: No 21, May 2005: Was the Secrecy of the Ballot Respected during the 2005 Parliamentary Elections (in Zimbabwe)?, Vote Counting in the 2005 Zimbabwe Elections, Polling Stations (in Zimbabwe 2005), Election Material: Ballot Boxes and Ballot Papers in Zimbabwe.
  • Election Talk: No 20, May 2005: Democratising Access to the Media in the 2005 Elections in Zimbabwe, Political Violence and Intimidation in Zimbabwe's 2005 Parliamentary elections, Use of Public Resources in 2005 Zimbabwe Parliamentary Elections.
  • Election Talk: No 19, March 2005: Nomination of candidates and the 2005 Zimbabwe parliamentary elections, Voter registration (in Zimbabwe), Delimitation of electoral boundaries (in Zimbabwe), primary elections in Zimbabwe.
  • Election Talk: No 18, February 2005: Zimbabwe's Constitutional & Legal Framework (II), Elections and Conflict (in Zimbabwe), Management of Elections in Zimbabwe, The Zimbabwe Electoral System and Imperatives for Reforms.
  • Election Talk: No 17, February 2005: Zimbabwe's Constitutional & Legal Framework (I).
  • Election Update Zimbabwe 2004: No 1  ·  No 2  ·  No 3

2002 Presidential election EOM

EOM Report: Zimbabwe: Presidential Election 9-11 March 2002
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2001 National Assembly election EOM

EOM Report: Zimbabwe 2001 Election
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2000 National Assembly election

Election Update Zimbabwe 1999: nos 1,2,3
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