Elections and Political Processes

The approach of Elections and Political Processes (EPP) is centred on the notion that democracy must be nurtured from within societies. Our activities are conducted through networks of global, regional, national and local organisations. This not only ensures ownership but also encourages positive peer learning, support and experience sharing. In this regard, EPP played and continues to play an important facilitating role in the establishment and functioning of two Southern African Development Community (SADC) election related networks, namely:

EPP was formed in 2003 through a restructuring of the Project Management and Development programme, which, in turn, had its inception in 1998. The experience it accumulated until 2004 in the SADC region enabled it to expand its geographic range in that year to assist other countries across the African continent.

Building democracy in Africa

Vote counting

EPP seeks to influence key political processes that underpin elections in Africa and promotes the development, popularisation and application of election principles and good practices through knowledge production and dissemination, election observation and technical support to election stakeholders (see Election Principles & Guidelines).

A key component of EPP activity is to assist election stakeholders such as election management bodies, civil society organisations and political parties, to play their rightful roles in the electoral process in an effective manner. To this end, EPP conducts training and other capacity development activities. It coordinates the deployment of election observation missions that are designed to collect information and experiences which in turn inform our strategic interventions.

Since elections are not an isolated event but part of a broader political context, EPP also seeks to promote a conducive political environment for free, fair and credible elections by influencing key election related political processes such as the use of public resources, election campaigning and participation of special groups of voters such as youth, women and physically challenged people.

Current activities

Electoral integrity workshop

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