EISA Madagascar: Capacity building for women in Parliament


From left to right: EISA's Soa Razafimanjato, National Assembly deputy Ms Eléonore Johasy, Rado Rakotosamimanana from Women Lead Movement Madagascar, Senator Brigitte Rasamoelina and Justin Randriamahefa from the Association des elus Sensibles au Genres
EISA organises debate as part of the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence

Dec 2020

In December, EISA Madagascar organised a debate entitled "Violence against Women in Politics", this as part of the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence as well as EISA's ongoing support to women MPs. Panelists for the debate included Eléonore Johasy, Deputy in the National Assembly; Brigitte Rasamoelina, Senator in the Madagascar Senate; Justin Randriamahefa from the Association des elus Sensibles au Genres; Rado Rakotosamimanana from Women Lead Movement Madagascar and EISA's Soa Razafimanjato.

The event was broadcast live on TV Plus Madagascar and was also streamed on TV Plus Madagascar's Facebook page. EISA Madagascar has several programmes aimed at bridging the gender gap within political movements and political institutions in Madagascar, thus ensuring women and women's issues have a bigger voice in society.

EISA Madagascar Country Representative, Jessica Ranohefy, being received by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Razanamahasoa Christine and her team in Nov 2020
Speaker of National Assembly thanks EISA Madagascar

25 Nov 2020

EISA Madagascar Country Representative, Jessica Ranohefy, was received by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Razanamahasoa Christine and her team on 25 November, to congratulate and thank the EISA team personally for the valuable support EISA has provided since 2014.

She expressed the wish that EISA Madagascar extends its support to young MPs that are even more underrepresented in decision-making position. She underlined that EISA has became more than a simple partner for the National Assembly, being among the most supportive and active, particularly for women MPs.


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Capacity-building for women MPs on law-making

12-13 & 24-25 Nov 2020

Women MPs from the National Assembly benefitted from a training on law-making and drafting on 12 and 13 of November 2020. This workshop emanated from the request of the Caucus of Women MPs that emerged from the needs assessment meeting held in September 2020. Since the beginning of the term of the new legislature in 2020, only two out of the 27 women MPs have proposed a bill to the National Assembly.

To reinforce their role in law-making, 10 women MPs, including two members of the Bureau Permanent were trained. This board comprises the speaker of parliament, vice presidents, and rapporteur whose task it is to develop the parliamentary agenda, set dates for sittings and identify the National Assembly strategic orientation.

The workshop was followed by a training on the same subject for their assistants on November 24 and 25 on more practical aspects of law-making so that they can assist MPs more effectively. The assistants of twenty women MPs, including 13 men and 7 women, attended the training. This was also a face to face workshop observing Covid-19 protocols.

Needs assessment meeting with the caucus of women MPs

3 Sep 2020

EISA conducted a needs assessment meeting with the caucus of women MPs to assess their needs regarding the current context, especially post Covid-19. The meeting took place on September 3 in Antananarivo during the extraordinary session of Parliament. Seventeen women MPs attended the meeting and made important suggestions to adapt to their needs, including a range of capacity buildings workshops, support to the parliamentary assistants of the women MPs including developing a guide for parliamentary assistants and advocacy towards local government regarding gender equality and women empowerment.


Women MPs at the induction and orientation workshop in Antsiranana
Women MPs' Orientation and Sharing Workshop

Oct 2019

Women MPs from the National Assembly attended a three-day orientation workshop on political leadership and parliamentary work in Antsiranana from October 22 to 23. 17 out of the 24 women elected attended the workshop.

The meeting had two main components: first is the support in political leadership, the second is the orientation of new MPs on parliamentary work. One of the objectives of the workshop is to equip the women MPs with leadership skills necessary to run their mandate. Second is to strengthen the synergy between the new and the releected MPs and to identify avenues of work regarding the promotion of a gender sensitive parliament. The new governance body of the caucus was also elected during the workshop.


Sensitisation of party benchers in parliament on gender equality

Aug 2018

A two-day workshop on the roles of women within political parties especially during the electoral cycle was held on 13 and 14 August, attended by 28 women, including one MP, from different political parties. The workshop focused on women in leadership positions in public life and improving their self-esteem with a view to equipping them with the necessary skills to effectively engage within their parties and advocate for gender equality.

Participants to the sensitisation workshop on women's role within political parties



EISA trains parliamentary assistants of Women MPs

From 13 to 14 August 2015, EISA trained 30 parliamentary assistants of 30 Women MPs to better perform their duties and work. The workshop aimed to enhance women MPs participation in the National Assembly by providing them with a skilled and effective team. The training focused on three main areas: role and responsibilities of a parliamentary assistant (technical assistance in the legislative process, communication etc.), their mandate regarding to the Malagasy Law and gender issues in performing an elected position. It is worth to note that this was the first time in the history of the National Assembly that the parliamentary assistants benefited from such training. The Secretary General of the National Assembly who represented its Speaker, the President and the Secretary General of the Caucus of Women MPs (SOMAMI) and few Women MPs participated in the opening and closing ceremonies.

Directory of Malagasy MPs developed

As part of its programme which aims at strengthening the National Assembly, EISA developed a Directory of Malagasy MPs. This document provides detailed information about the 151 Malagasy MPs. It was produced to facilitate linkages between the MPs and their constituents.


MPs training workshop

From 3 to 5 December, EISA conducted a training workshop for 40 participants (25 MPs including 14 women MPs, and 15 parliamentary assistants). The training workshop covered two main topics, namely the use of a check-list to assess gender mainstreaming in a particular bill or any draft law and an introduction to Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs). As a result of the workshop, the participants agreed on the need of applying a "gender lens" to the analysis of any draft law.


Assemblee Nationale 2014 "Atelier de Formation des Parlementaires", http://www.assemblee-nationale.mg/?p=8213

Report on gender mainstreaming in the legislative process

December 2014

Prise en compte de l'égalité Hommes-Femmes dans le processus législatif à Madagascar est le fruit de la collaboration entre l'Institut Electoral pour une Démocratie Durable en Afrique (EISA) et le Fonds des Nations Unies pour la Démocratie (UNDEF) dans le cadre du Programme de promotion de la représentation des femmes malgaches dans les sphères publiques et politiques.


Assemblee Nationale 2014 "Dissémination du rapport sur la prise en compte de l'égalité Hommes", [www] http://www.assemblee-nationale.mg/?p=8201 (opens new window, accessed 19 Jan 2014).

Strategic meeting of Malagasy Women MPs Caucus elects president

November 2014

On 6th of November, EISA Madagascar organized the second strategic meeting of Malagasy Women MPs Caucus. A new President was elected.

The second strategic meeting of Malagasy Women MPs Caucus was held on 6th November in the plenary hall of the National Assembly in Tsimbazaza. The purpose of this session was to elect the president and Malagasy Women MPs Caucus: second strategic meetingmembers of the board. Raharimalala Toto Lydia has been elected as President. 5 vice presidents from 5 regions of Madagascar, 1 secretary general and 1 treasurer were also designated. 21 women MPs, including the deputy Speaker of the National Assembly and the president of Gender Committee, attended the meeting.


Assemblee Nationale 2014 "Election de Mme Le Député RAHARIMALALA Lydia", [www] http://www.assemblee-nationale.mg/?p=8203 (opens new window, accessed 19 Jan 2014).

Activities for women parliamentarians of Madagascar

26-28 May 2014

From 26-28 May 2014 EISA Madagascar conducted two key activities for women parliamentarians of Madagascar. Those activities consisted of:

  • The first meeting of the women's parliamentary caucus for gender equality (May 26th 2014).
  • The second orientation workshop, which was intended to familiarize women parliamentarians with both the formulation and evaluation of public policies, as well as with the budgetary role of the Parliament.
Women's parliamentary caucus for gender equality

26 May 2014

The activity that was held on May 26th served as an opportunity for women parliamentarians, who joined together in the Solombavam-bahoaka Mampihatra ny Miralenta (SOMAMI, or "Members of Parliaments for Gender Equality"), to pinpoint the strengths and flaws of their caucus, as well as to prioritize their own needs, in order to develop their future strategic action plan. It is worth pointing out that the aforementioned women's parliamentary caucus has been launched officially during the first orientation workshop on legislation and the legislative processes, organized by EISA on March 19th for women parliamentarians.

Women from all political sides, as well as the Vice President of the National Assembly, Mrs Hanitra Razafimanantsoa, attended the event.

Second women parliamentarians orientation workshop

On May 27th-28th, the second orientation workshop on public policies and the budgetary role of the Parliament was conducted by EISA for women parliamentarians of Madagascar. This event was principally aimed at sharing basic knowledge on the formulation and evaluation of public policies, on the eve of future parliamentary debates. It also included a training session for the honourable participants on their role in the national budgetary process.

The workshop was officially launched by the President of the National Assembly, Mr Jean Max Rakotomamonjy, who praised EISA-Madagascar's initiatives to promote greater women's participation in mad2014parliamenarynational governance, and expressed both his support and encouragement to the organization, throughout his speech (See EISA Madagascar on facebook). Furthermore, he emphasized the need for such actions in the current post crisis framework and in the context of consolidation of Malagasy institutions.


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Orientation des femmes parlementaires

Lundi 17 mars 2013

EISA-Madagascar a organisé, à l'Ibis Hôtel de Antananarivo, son premier atelier d'orientation des femmes parlementaires. Etaient invitées 22 femmes-députés de l'actuelle législature.

atelier d'orientation des femmes parlementaires

La cérémonie d'ouverture de l'atelier a vu la présence de Mme Aurélie Razafinjato Présidente du VMLF ainsi que de Mme Marie Zenaide Lechat Ramampy Présidente d'honneur du VMLF - CNFM. La touche particulière de la cérémonie a été la participation de l'Honorable Madame Christine Razanamahasoa Présidente de l'Assemblée Nationale et première femme présidente d'institution à Madagascar.

L'ensemble des intervenantes ont loué l'initiative portée par EISA et se sont félicitées que les efforts consentis depuis 2007 par cette institution aient abouti à l'élection de 32 femmes à la chambre basse malgache. Pour sa part, la Présidente de l'Assemblée Nationale a souligné l'importance capitale d'un tel atelier d'orientation du point de vue du renforcement des capacités des élues. Celles-ci devraient approprier les questions abordées en vue d'une contribution qualitative dans les futurs débats parlementaires. Tout en marquant sa disponibilité pour soutenir de telles initiatives, Hon. Mme Christine Razanamahasoaa terminé son propos en formant le vœu que le partenariat ainsi amorcé entre EISA-Madagascar et l'institution qu'elle préside se perpétue.