EISA Mali: Empowering women

2015: Partnership with UNDP Mali

May 2015

EISA Mali participated in the preparation and organisation of PAPEM-PNUD (UNDP's electoral project in Mali) workshop on women mobilisation and participation for elections. The workshop took place on 28 May 2015 in Bamako. EISA Mali was then chosen by UNDP to duplicate the activity at regional level, that is, 8 regions to be covered in 3 months.

Participante en pleine restitution

Regional workshop: Women, your time has come!

Musow aw ka waati sera!

August 2015, Kayes, South-west Mali

On Tuesday, 18 August 2015 in Kayes, EISA launched its new project: Promotion of the concept "Musow aw ka waati sera!" (Women, your time is now!) in the regions of Mali. The ceremony presided over by the head of office of the governor of Kayes was followed by the first workshop of the project.

The objectives of the project is to promote the concept Musow aw ka waati sera! through women mobilization and capacity development for a better participation as voters as well as candidates in the forthcoming 2015 communal, regional and District of Bamako elections.

Groupes de travail

During the two-day workshop attended by 50 women, various themes were explored including: Identifying the obstacles to women political participation; how to face the socio-economic and political obstacles and acquire self-confidence; leadership; national and international laws and resolutions in favour of women; women political involvement and its impact on the society; advocacy, lobbying and networking; and communication (oral presentation).

EISA will organize 8 two-day workshops gathering 50 participants in each of the 8 regions of the country. A total of 400 regional leaders will be trained.

Discussion et synthese des travaux de groupe

This project is supported by the UNDP through its electoral project in Mali, Projet d'Appui au Processus Electoral du Mali (PNUD/PAPEM), which developed the concept.


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2014: Political party women leaders' workshop conducted on voter registration

December 2014

Party women leaders' workshop on voter registration

In support of the voter registration process, EISA organised a workshop on 5 December 2014 to inform and sensitise 92 political party women leaders. The goal of the workshop was mainly to ensure the involvement of women in the voter registration process, inform and mobilise them for the success of the operation. Local experts and officials from the Ministry provided them with information on the importance and the different steps of the registration.

Party women leaders' workshop on voter registration

The 92 women were tasked with sharing the information among the other women in their party subdivisions and their neighbourhoods. Following the workshop the participants organised information and sensitization campaigns mostly among newly adult women who were not registered during the 2013 elections.

This workshop and the sensitisation campaigns contributed to the increase of the number of the registered voter during the last days of the registration period, as shown on the figures of the Ministry.