Political Parties: Capacity building

Capacity building work is largely the responsibility of the Governance Institutions and Political Processes (GIPPS) department under its Political Parties Support Programme. The political parties capacity building activities are focused on ensuring that political institutions and processes are democratic and function effectively.

Poll-watcher training is mainly undertaken by Elections & Political Processes (EPP) department under its Support to political parties programme.

Training workshops cover thematic areas such as:

  • Gender representation in political parties;
  • internal organisation;
  • management and functioning of parties;
  • leadership qualities within political parties;
  • conflict and conflict management; as well as
  • poll watching; and
  • electoral reform.

Activities have been undertaken from the head office and the field offices in the countries below:

AngolaOrganisational capacityPoll watchingElectoral reform
BotswanaOrganisational capacityWomen & youthPoll watching
BurundiOrganisational capacityPoll watching
CARElectoral reform
ChadOrganisational capacityPoll watching
Code of Conduct
Electoral reform
Côte d'IvoirePoll watchingElectoral reform
DRCPoll watchingElectoral reform
EthiopiaOrganisational capacityPoll watching
KenyaOrganisational capacityPoll watchingElectoral reform
LesothoOrganisational capacity
Inter- & intra-party conflict
Poll watching
MadagascarOrganisational capacityPoll watching
MalawiOrganisational capacityPoll watching
MaliPoll watching
MauritiusPoll watching
MozambiqueOrganisational capacityPoll watchingElectoral reform
NamibiaOrganisational capacityPoll watching
SomaliaOrganisational capacityElectoral reform
South AfricaOrganisational capacityElectoral reform
Moseneke Enquiry
SudanOrganisational capacity
SwazilandOrganisational capacityPoll watching
TanzaniaPoll watching
ZambiaOrganisational capacityPoll watching
ZimbabweOrganisational capacity