Executive Director at launch of Coalition Building - Finding Solutions Together
EISA Executive Director Denis Kadima speaks at the publication launch

The Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy (DIPD) launched Coalition Building - Finding Solutions Together [PDF, opens new window], co-authored by the EISA Executive Director, Denis Kadima, in Christiansborg on 14 December 2015. The launch took place in Christiansborg at a seminar featuring a panel of Danish MPs, which put the Danish and international practices of political settlements under examination in Copenhagen.

Danish parties have over the years developed a political practice of broad political settlements and coalition building, which many parties around the world have expressed interest in learning more about. The publication highlights the Danish experiences, while also examining alliances and coalition building around the world, which can inspire the Danish debate.

At the launch Mr Kadima noted that coalition building is widespread across many African and Asian countries, and due to this many of the Danish experiences are relevant and useful as inspiration, even though the political contexts are naturally different.

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