Zambia: Representation and inclusivity in political parties

Activities ainmed at inclusivity of women, youth and people with disabilities in Zambia form part of EISA's work to increace the capacity of political parties has been undertaken by EISA's Governance Institutions and Political Processes (GIPPS) department, under its political parties programme. The aim is to contribute to an open, inclusive and democratic political system, by strengthening this crucial set of stakeholders in the processes of democratic governance.


Enhancing equitable gender participation

2-6 September 2019

A Governance Institutions and Political Processes (GIPPS) team hosted consultative meetings with five political parties in Zambia. The team was received warmly by the Zambian political parties who all expressed their interest in participating in the next phase of the gender auditing project, which is scheduled for early 2020.

Youth and people with disabilities: Methodology review

26-28 June 2019

Youth and people with disabilities methodology review meeting was held in Johannesburg from 26-28 June 2019 and included country partnersand gender experts, as well as staff from EISA's Elections and Political Processes (EPP) department.

Zambian activities have had to be deferred due to national elections in both countries being held during 2019. The gender audit reports which have been drafted for political parties will be discussed with the respective parties beginning in December 2019 and continuing in 2020.