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State Capture in Africa: Old Threats, New Packaging


  • State Capture in Africa: Old Threats, New Packaging
    Eds Meirotti, M & Masterson, G, EISA 2018 (papers presented at the 12th Annual Symposium). The state capture that has played out recently in South Africa, in conjunction with the transitional status of many African countries, raises the question of whether these countries, too, are experiencing some form of state capture and what lessons can be learned to safeguard transitional democracies in the region?
  • Peering the Peers: Civil Society and the African Peer Review Mechanism
    Eds G Masterson, K Busia and A Jinadu, 2010 – R120 – order online
    This volume of essays from leading civil society and governance experts from across the African continent looks at the critical role of civil society in the APRM, and draws lessons on how to both improve the engagement of civil society in the APRM, as well indicate how the APRM might better be integrated into the activities of organisations and communities striving to improve the quality of governance and development in African states.
  • The State, Democracy And Poverty Eradication in Africa
    K Matlosa, K Prah, B Chiroro and L Toulou, 2008
    This volume represents a modest contribution to the policy and academic discourse on the role of the state in democracy and development in Africa, paying particular attention to the state’s role in the process of eradicating poverty. The book itself is a culmination of a dialogue process involving various stakeholder it also interrogates the issue that the African state was expected to play a more robust and interventionist role in the development process and inculcating a culture of democracy.
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