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  • This Seat is Taken: Elections and the underrepresentation of Women in Seven Southern African Countries, Gender Links 2010. Order online
    The contriutions to this book consider the importance of gender equality to elections. Each contribution assesses the commitment to gender equality on the part of polcy makers, law makers, political party leaders, electoral authorities and civil society in the country concerned.
  • One Woman, One Vote: The Gender Politics of South African Elections, Mary Simmons, Glenda Fick and Sheila Meintjies (eds) 2002. Order online
    EISA identified gender as a crucial variable in the politics of elections. Using the lessons of the past the contributors offer opinios for the future suggesting ways in which the impetus of the miracle of 1994 can be maintained.
  • Recognising Gender Equality and Its Implications for Free and Fair Elections, Glenda Fick 1999. Order online
  • Women in African Legislatures and Executives: The Slow Climb to Power, A Reynolds, 1999. Order online

Cover of Des femmes en quête de voix: Bilan de la participation des femmes au Gouvernement et au Parlement de 2002  2013

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