EISA DRC (2004-2011): Capacity Building for Governance Institutions


2010: Provincial and local government seminars

To enhance the capacities of governance institutions, EISA facilitated numerous workshops to strengthen the skills in provincial governments and legislatures and local mayors. While the enthusiasm and dedication of participants to use these skills as well as the goodwill of the governance institutions was heartening, the lack of adequate resources and poor infrastructure inhibited them in carrying out their duties. While much was achieved, EISA recognised that it is one thing to put together well constructed training courses, but another to improve the management of the governance institutions and thereby the living conditions of the population.

2009: Training Provincial Assemblies

EISA facilitated workshops for Provincial Assemblies in Katanga, Kivu, Eastern Kasai, Kinshasa, and Equateur and provided ongoing support to assist them in using the workshop learnings. The workshops were extremely well received given the lack experience of the Provincial Assemblies, which were introduced for the first time in 2006.