EISA Somalia: Somalia 2021 Election Update

The Somalia 2021 Election Update was set up to provide regular and reliable election related information for media, political parties, civil society organisations and other interested stakeholders for 2021 Somali Presidential elections, as well as the House of the People and Senate elections.

Election timetable

Completion of Upper House elections: 5 Sep 2021 - 18 Sep 2021
Awareness and Preparation for Parliamentary elections: 10 - 25 Sep 2021
Preparation & Registration of the Committee for the Selection of Delegates & Candidates for the Election of the House of the People: 25 Sep 2021
Conducting lower house elections: 1 Oct 2021 - 20 Nov 2021
Issuing Parliamentary membership certificate: 25 Nov 2021

Elections dates

Presidential (indirect): 10 Oct 2021
Senate (indirect): 25 - 28 Jul 2021
House of the People (indirect): 12 Sep - 2 Oct 2021


Schedule of Parliamentary Elections                                                                CSOs Election Situation Room

Schedule of Parliamentary Elections CSOs Election Situation Room                                                                                                  

Somalia Election Process House of the People                                   CSOs Election Situation Room
Somalia Election Process House of the People CSOs Election Situation Room

Communiqués from civil society

News, Insight & analysis

Somaliland leadership in Mogadishu releases terms and guidelines for it LH poll", 30 Oct, [www] https://www.somalidispatch.com/latest-news/somaliland-leadership-in-mogadishu-releases-terms-and-guidelines-for-its-lh-poll/ (accessed 8 Nov 2021).

MTV Somali Channel 2021 "Somali Electoral Commission Releases Parliamentary Election Procedures", 17 Aug, [www] https://www.mtvsomali.com/somali-electoral-commission-releases-parliamentary-election-procedures/ (accessed 31 Aug 2021).

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