EISA Somalia project: Support for peaceful elections in Somalia (PEACE)

The PEACE project, supported by the European Union Delegation, Nairobi is an 18-month project contributing to peaceful and inclusive political and electoral processes in Somalia through reducing electoral tensions and increasing women's participation in electoral processes.

Programme Objectives:

  1. The Somalia Election Situation Room (ESR) contributes to reducing electoral tensions in the pre-election, election and post-election periods; and
  2. Women's participation in Somalia's electoral and governance processes in the pre-election, election and post-election periods is increased.
Programme implementation Strategy

The PEACE programme implementation strategy is based on the provision of technical support to relevant non-state actors/stakeholders (civil society and media organisations) with a focus on advocacy to ensure a peaceful and inclusive electoral process and creating broader civic awareness of the electoral process. CSOs platforms, in Somalia, will be supported to implement strategies that promote women empowerment and establish a mechanism for conflict mitigation and multi-party dialogue structures to diffuse political and election-related tensions.

Programme Activities

Project activities will be implemented through local CSOs' in Somalia who will constructively engage with various local groups such as women's groups, media and state institutions for their effective participation in electoral processes as drivers of gender equality, peacebuilding and conflict mitigation.

Donor support and funding

EISA PEACE project in Somalia is funded by the European Union (EU).