EISA Sudan: Conflict Mapping

EISA engaged in a conflict mapping exercise in order to develop a clear understanding of the nature, origin and possible prevention of electoral conflicts and presented the report on the mapping exercise in Khartoum and in Juba in February 2009. This exercise entailed

  • mapping out the existing landscape with regard to local management structures, processes, dynamics and actors
    bringing together approaches to conflict
  • identifying gaps and suggesting how these approaches can be brought together.

EISA worked closely with local stakeholders with and engaging in dialogue. This took the form of meetings in Juba and Khartoum to consider how conflict management can impact on the prospects for conflict prevention and reduction, successful democratic elections, and sustainable peace. The EISA Sudan office, supported by Head Office, held consultative meetings in Khartoum and Juba presenting its findings on the conflict mapping exercise.

Regional consultation meetings to identify potential partners

12 Sep 2022

From 12th September 2022, EISA started its regional consultation meetings in order to identify potential partners that will be members of the Sudan Election Monitoring Group (SEMG). These meetings that took place in each of the seven regions of Sudan aimed at establishing a network that will be used as partners to ensure EISA visibility at regional levels and provide the programme with both long-term observers and short-term observers for the upcoming Sudan general elections. The consultation meetings were held in the following cities: Madani, Kassala, Al Fashir, Al junaynah, Dalang, Atbara, Sennar and Khartoum.