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Previously, EISA's work in Tanzania has been conducted by its Elections and Political Processes department, which has promoted the application of election principles and good practices through the coordination and execution of EISA's international election observation missions and provided CSOs with the capacity to engage in citizen observation and trained political party poll-watchers.

Formally established in October 2021, the EISA Tanzania office is supported by the European Union Delegation to implement the Tanzania Election Stabilization and Democracy (TESD) programme which seeks to promote stronger citizen engagement in the democratic institutions, particularly the electoral process, through supporting well-informed communities about their rights during election periods, enjoyment of freedoms and human rights during elections and early identification of conflict hot-spots and escalating conflicts.

Programme objectives

  • Reduce the likelihood of pre/ post-election conflict.
  • Strengthen civic engagement to improve trust in electoral processes.

Programme outcomes

There are three outcomes, namely:

  • Having communities being well informed about their rights during election periods.
  • The enjoyment of freedoms and human rights during elections.
  • Early identification of conflict hotspots and escalation of post-election conflicts.

Programme interventions

The TESD set of interventions includes:

  • Pre-election civic education and sensitisation - Local communities informed and knowledgeable about electoral processes covering the mainland and in Zanzibar.
  • Election monitoring and evaluation - Comprehensive assessment of significant developments and challenges of the election.
  • Post-election conflict monitoring and early warning - Early-warning system collects and aggregates incidents and identifies conflict hot spots.

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EISA Tanzania is funded by the European Union (EU).