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Next election due

President: 2027
Deputies and municipal councils: 2025
Senate: 2025 (indirect)
Councils and Head of hills/ district: 2025

2020 Elections

Election Calendar

Presidential candidate nominations: 25 Feb - 5 Mar 2020
Campaign period: 27 Apr - 17 May 2020 (6am - 6pm only)
Presidential, National Assembly and municipal elections: 20 May 2020
Election of Senators: 2 July 2020
Election of Hill/ district councils: 24 Aug 2020


Presidential election results
Presidential candidates
Parties and candidates contesting
Media and journalists Code of Conduct for the 2020 electoral period

2018 Constitutional Referendum

A constitutional referendum was held in Burundi on 17 May 2018 to increase the presidential term from five, to seven years. The proposed amendments to the constitution were approved by over 70% of voters.

2018 Burundi Constitutional Referendum


EOM Report:Burundian Civil Society Organisations, 28 May 2018

Pre referendum assessment

Fédération internationale des ligues des droits de l'Homme, February 2018

2015 Elections

EISA 2015: Pre-election Election Assement Report, 22-26 March 2015


EAC Statement
Complete electoral calendar
Presidential Election Results

Parliamentary Election Results