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Next elections due

National Assembly: 7 Oct 2022
Local government: 7 Oct 2022
Lesotho is a constitutional monarchy

2015 National Assembly election

The election took place on 28 Feb 2015.

EISA Statements


Election results
Observer mission statements
Voter registration statistics
Parties registered in 2015

Local government

MOFUOA, KV 2005 Local Governance in Lesotho: In Search of an Appropriate Format [PDF document], EISA Occassional Paper No 33.
SHALE, V 2005 Demarcating Local Authorities' Boundaries for Good Governance versus People-to-People Relations: A Case Study of Lesotho [PDF document], EISA Occassional Paper No 28.
SHALE, V 2004 Decentralisation, Development and Conflict: Challenges Awaiting Local Authorities in Lesotho [PDF document], EISA Occassional Papers No 21.