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Next elections due

President & National Assembly: 27 Feb 2022
2017 Constitutional Referendum: Postponed indefinately

2020 Parliamentary election

Election calendar

First round polling day: 29 Mar 2020
Round one announcement: 9 Apr 2020
Second round polling day: 19 Apr 2020
Round two announcement: 30 Apr 2020


Preliminary statement: Coalition pour l'Observation Citoyenne des Elections au Mali

National Assembly results
Parties contesting
Total votes by region: First round
Total votes by region: Second round

2018 Presidential election

Campaigning period: 7-26 Jul 2018
Election day: 28 Jul 2018
Run off: 12 Aug 2018

2018 Mali election results

EOM Statements

Le Pool d'Observation Citoyenne du Mali's 2018 presidential election ESR receiving the AUEO mission leader

2017 Constitutional referendum

The 2017 Constitutional referendum was initially due to be held on 9 July 2017, however it was later postponed indefinately following protests by some political parties and civil society groups. The proposed changes would have given more power to the President and would have given the state power to create new regions in accodance with the 2015 peace accord.