Mauritius: Number of candidates by party 2010 National Assembly election

Updated May 2010


Alliance de l'avenir (Alliance of the Future) is a coalition of parties in government before the dissolution of Parliament on the 31 March 2010.
Alliance du coeur (Alliance of the Heart) is a coalition of parties on the opposition benches at that time. The two coalitions fielded 60 candidates each.
Alliance du peuple (Alliance of the People) is an informal electoral pact (it was not a registered coalition) formed by the Verts Fraternels, the Parti Socialiste Mauricien, the Mouvement Démocratique Mauricien and d'Unir pour Bâtir on the 25 April 2010. Between them the member parties fielded 30 candidates.

See also Parties and coalitions that contested the 2010 National Assembly election for details of coalitions and parties.


No party that fielded candidates on the Island of Mauritius also fielded candidates on the Island of Rodrigues and visa versa.

Coalition/Party Candidates
Alliance de l'avenir (Alliance of the Future - Alliance MMM-UN-MMSD) 60
Alliance du coeur (Alliance of the Heart - Alliance PTR-PMSD-MSM) 60
Front Solidarité Mauricienne (FSM) Mauritian Solidarity Front 60
Mouvement Démocratique National Raj Dayal (MDN Raj Dayal - National Democratic Movement Raj Dayal) 34
Party Malin 17
Mouvement Démocratique Mauricien (MDM - Mauritian Democratic Movement) 15
Parti du Peuple Mauricien (PPM - Mauritian Peoples' Party) 12
Mouvement Authentique Mauricien (MAM - Authentic Mauritian Movement) 10
Parties with less than 10 candidates (22 parties, see below) 77
Independent candidates 190
Total Island of Mauritius 535
Total Island of Rodrigues (5 parties, see below) 10
Grand total 545

Parties on Island of Mauritius with fewer than ten candidates

Party Candidates
Front Socialiste (FS - Socialist Front) 9
Mouvement Travailleurs Mauriciens (MTM - Mauritian Workers' Movement) 9
Les Verts Fraternels (Greens Brotherhood) 8
Parti Tireurs Disables 7
Parti Action Libéral (PAL - Liberal Action Party) 6
Unir pour Bâtir (Link to Build) 6
Forum des Citoyens Libres (FCL - Free Citizen's Form) 5
Parti Social Democrate (Prakash Bheeroo) (Social Democratic Party (Prakash Bheeroo)) 5
Mouvement Citoyen Mauricien (MCM - Mauritian Citizen's Movement) 3
Regroupement Jeunes Socialiste Democrates (RJSD - Social Democratic Youth Regrouping) 3
Socialist Labour Party 3
Party Socialiste Plus (PSP) 2
Démocratie Mauricienne (Mauritian Democracy) 2
Regional Autonomy Movement 1
Parti Liberateur Mauricien (PLM - Mauritian Liberator Party) 1
Mauritius Party Rights 1
Mouvement Solidarité Travailleur Mauricien Rodrigues Agalega (MSTMRA) 1
Mouvement Travailliste Socialiste (MTS - Socialist Labour Movement) 1
Rassemblement Socialiste Mauricien (RSM - Mauritian Socialist Rally) 1
Union Patriots Illois Mauricien (UPIM - Union of Isle of Mauritius Patriots) 1
Parti Socialiste Mauricien (PSM - Mauritian Socialist Party) 1
Groupe de Cinq 1
Total 77

Parties on Island of Rodrigues

Party Candidates
Organisation du Peuple de Rodrigues (OPR - Organization of the People of Rodrigues) 2
Mouvement Rodriguais (MR - Rodrigues Movement) 2
Front Progressiste du Peuple Rodriguais (FPPR - Rodrigues Peoples' Progressive Front) 2
Parti Rodriguais Travailleur Democrate (PRTD - Rodrigues Democratic Workers Party) 2
Union Démocratique de Rodrigues (UDR - Democratic Union of Rodrigues) 2
Total 10


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