Mauritius: Election archive

National Assembly election 2014

Election day 10 Dec 2014

EISA Pre-Election Assessment Mission Report, 23 - 29 November 2014.

African Union Observer mission Arrival statement  ·  Déclaration d'arrivée [PDF]

National Assembly election 2010

EISA Technical Assessment Team

Final report [PDF document]
Launch statement


Background: Main electoral trends [1976-2005]
Results overview
Women's representation in the National Assembly
Number of candidates by party 2010 National Assembly election
Observer missions and statements
Voter registration by constituency
Election calendar
EBC 2009 Report of the Electoral Boundaries Commission on a Review of the Boundaries of the Constituencies, [www] [MS Word document] (accessed 5 May 2010).

National Assembly election 2005

EISA Election Observer Mission

EISA Election Observer Mission Report: Mauritius National Assembly Elections, 3 July 2005 [PDF document]
EISA Interim Statement
Arrival statement
Launch statement


Results overview
Results by party
Results by Constituency
Women's representation in the National Assembly
Candidates by party and gender
Registered voters by constituency
Observer missions and statements

Background material

Mauritius Election Updates 2005

EISA 2005 Election Talk: Mauritius No. 23 [PDF document]

KADIMA, DK &; KASENALLY, R 2005, Party Coalitions and the Invisibility of Women IN "The Formation, Collapse and Revival of Political Party Coalitions in Mauritius: Ethnic Logic and Calculation at Play".

2001 Municipal elections

Elections report

2000 National Assembly

General election of September 2000
Election results

KADIMA, D 2000, Parliamentary elections 2000 - a report, EISA.

1995 National Assembly election

General election of December 1995
Election results

1991 Legislative/National Assembly election

Indo-Mauritians in the general elections
General election of September 1991
Election results

1987 Legislative Assembly election

General election of August 1987
Election results

1983 Legislative Assembly election

General election of August 1983
Election results

1982 Legislative Assembly election

General election of June 1982
Election results

1976 Legislative Assembly election

From independence to the 1976 election
General election of December 1976
Election results

1967 Legislative Assembly election

Background to the election
The election
Election results overview
Results by party