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Next elections due

2025: National President, National Assembly, Zanzibar President, Zanzibar House of Representatives and local government

2020 Presidential and National Assembly elections

Special Report

COVID-19 and Tanzania's 2020 Elections
Report on the 2020 Presidential, Parliamentary and Councillors' elections
Right the Wrongs: Spotlight on the 2020 General Election in Tanzania


Presidential results
Presidential candidates

EISA EOM Statements

Final Report
Preliminary Statement, 30 Oct 2020
Joint statement with the East African Community and the African Union EOMs, 27 Oct 2020
Arrival statement, 20 Oct 2020

EISA EOM to the Tanzanian 2020 General elections

Election Calendar

Second round voter registration: 2-4 May 2020
First round voter registration: 17 Apr 2020
Candidate nomination: 5 Aug - 25 Aug 2020
Campaign period: 26 Aug - 27 Oct 2020
Election Day: 28 Oct 2020