EISA Zambia: Civic and voter education

Civic and Voter Train the Trainer workshop

2016 Peace-building outreach and conflict management meetings conducted

EISA worked with five local organisations in 2016 to carry out voter and civic education in a co-ordinated and synchronised way. Prior to that EISA's Elections and Political Processes undertook work in this field.

With the support of the British Council Zambia Accountability Project (ZAP), EISA worked in partnership with Caritas, the Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP), the Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACC0RD), Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) and the Young African Youth Leadership Initiative (YALI).

Civic and voter education on the referendum and elections intensified as voting day drew closer. The five project partners mainly used bulk text messages, radio programmes, radio and TV advertisements, community meetings and posters to reach millions of Zambians. Over 400 political candidates also received targeted messages urging them to desist from electoral malpractices and corruption

Peace-building outreach and conflict management meetings conducted

2016 Following pre-election observation of the election campaigns, SACCORD, one of the partners supported by EISA, produced an early warning analysis and violence index as well as a report on the administration of the Public Order Act. These reports were widely disseminated to electoral stakeholders to promote peaceful elections. Through 19 conflict management meetings attended by 890 youth leaders from various political parties, YALI promoted political tolerance and peaceful electioneering.

2003 Designing democracy, voter education and human rights

During 2003 EISA's Conflict Management, Democracy and Electoral Education (CMDEE; now EPP (support for civil society)) worked with civil society organisations in Malawi, Swaziland, Zambia and Mozambique. Two representatives from each country attended a "Designing Democracy, Voter Education and Human Rights" capacity building programme at EISA in Johannesburg in January 2003. During 2003 participants were provided with the opportunity to pilot the programmes they dveloped with input and support from EISA.